Yvonne Nelson advises fans on donation, says people shouldn’t know about it

Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson has advised her fans and followers on whom to donate their monies. The mother of one said that people should give out their monies the needy, poor, widows and orphans.
One of the discussions that people will never stop having on social media is the conversation about money. A lot of conversations have been had on paying tithes or giving it out to the poor.
While some said that tithes could be given to the poor, stating that God would understand, others believed that the bible has already commanded that tithes be paid into churches.
Although Yvonne did not talk about tithes, she seemed to be supporting the people who believe that money should be given to the poor rather than taken to the church.
The movie star said that people should donate to the less privileged and not let an eye see it when they do. According to her, God in heaven would see through their hearts. The film star noted that God blesses whoever gives to others.
She went further to note that most churches and pastors would use people’s money for their luxurious lifestyles.

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