Fri. Feb 28th, 2020

Trump impeachment: New phase begins in congressional inquiry

The impeachment investigation into Donald Trump has entered a new phase as the House Judiciary Committee begins hearings into Mr Trump’s conduct.

The public testimony by four experts on constitutional law comes one day after the House Intelligence Committee laid out the case for removing Mr Trump.

The intelligence panel’s report said evidence of Mr Trump’s misconduct was “overwhelming”.

If impeachment passes in the House, the US Senate will put Mr Trump on trial.

The White House has denied allegations made by Democrats – that Mr Trump put his own personal political interests “above the national interests of the United States” by soliciting foreign interference in the 2020 US elections, as the 300-page report argues.

After the report’s release on Tuesday, White House spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham said that it “utterly failed to produce any evidence of wrongdoing”.

Speaking from London, where he is attending a Nato summit, Mr Trump called the Democratic effort “very unpatriotic”.

Among formal impeachment charges expected to be considered by the judiciary committee are abuse of power, obstruction of justice and contempt of Congress.

Democrats are keen to hold a vote on impeachment in the House of Representatives before the end of the year, with the prospect of a trial in the Senate perhaps as early as January 2020. |Neareel TV

source: BBC


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