PSG star, Neymar returns to Brazil for fear of contracting coronavirus in France

Neymar has returned to his native land Brazil to self-isolate himself for the fear of contracting Coronavirus, reports claim, cited on The Sun. The Paris Saint-Germain striker and his teammate
Thiago Silva made the trip back home to self-exile themselves, French news media outlet Le Parisien and ESPN reports. Leagues have been suspended in Europe due to the pandemic and the French league have also been put on hold indefinitely.
It is understood Neymar left Paris just before Paris went into lockdown earlier in the week and his international teammate Silva fled out of the country on Tuesday, March 17, 2020. Reports claim Paris Saint Germain had instructed their players to isolate themselves and Silva have been spotted in his homeland ever since.
Silva’s wife Isabelle posted on her social media handle and said: “The virus is everywhere. “My husband is waiting on a notice to start working again. “We are sad about all this right now but we believe that all this will pass soon.”
Neymar also posted on Instagram encouraging people to take precautions with a photo that said: “The virus doesn’t move around, people do.” However, in the midst of staying away from France, Brazilian defender Marquinhos refused to leave and stayed put in the French capital.

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