Neareel TV 2019 Assessment/Reviews/Fans Appreciation

Neareel TV is a media organization that trends online via Some of our major functions are information dissemination News Reporting, Blogging, Profiling, Street Journalism, Youtube Comedy e.t.c.

                The organization over the period of review carried out independent findings on fans/visitors comments. We want to say we are astonished for the love and support received from our fans worldwide and we are using this medium to thank you for the encouragement and recommendations, as it is a head way to serve you better.

                In the comment section, some issues were highlighted by our fans, such as the blog site speed, late response to mails and a request for donation button for financial support. WHAT A KIND GESTURE!

We humbly inform you that all issues has been resolved and the DONATION BUTTON is up and active and we state henceforth that any donation made to us will be reciprocated by way of profiling/branding of such donor as our outstanding FAN OF THE WEEK!  as a way of saying thank you via WORLD WIDE FAN PAGE!.

This fan page was contemplated as a means of appreciating such donation. In extension, we may request for your business activities for advert placement on our Blog if permitted.

                Thanks for the support! Thanks for being our fan!! Please do stay tuned and keep the comments coming.!!!

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