Actress, Kate Henshaw prays for doctors and nurses who are fighting against corona virus

Nollywood actress Kate Henshaw has said a powerful prayer for healthcare personnel at the forefront of the battle against coronavirus pandemic.
Since the outbreak of the deadly infection, healthcare practitioners across the world have been on their toes, working round the clock to ensure that affected people are well taken care of.
Stories and photos of nurses and doctors who have been treating people have been shared across social media, to the commendations of citizens. Recently, Nigerian movie star Kate Henshaw took to her page on the popular micro-blogging platform, Twitter, to say a prayer for nurses and doctors doing all they can to contain this virus.
The actress said that she placed the lives of those in the frontline of coronavirus battle in the hands of God. She told God to protect them so that other people can live.

As soon as the actress tweeted the prayer, husbands of women in the Nigerian healthcare industry started sharing their concerns and the actress tried her best to assure them that they would be safe.
A man called Felix said that he is always scared for his wife’s safety whenever she steps out for work, but he also noted his trust in God. Another man identified as Tsuwa Thompson said that he is more concerned about the safety measures put in place for nurses. 

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